Taralli di Pasqua

Taralli are crisp pepper and fennel-flavored Italian biscuits that might remind some of pretzels. They are often served with wine at the beginning of a meal or as a snack. When making Taralli di Pasqua, or sweet taralli, at Easter, the fennel and pepper is left out. Instead, the finished biscuits are dipped in a sugar frosting and often dressed with... Read More »

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Wild Dandelion and Tiny Fresh Favas

Nothing says spring more than wild dandelion and sweet, tender fava beans. The slightly bitter flavor of the greens is mellowed when combined with the sweet favas and pairs well with a tender, creamy lamb dish. If you can’t find wild dandelion greens, you can also substitute milder arugula greens. Ingredients •3 bunches wild baby dandelion... Read More »

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Spring Lamb Casserole

Growing up in Puglia, Nicola’s mother Dora would make this comforting lamb dish every Easter. Bite-sized morsels of baby lamb are braised until tender and then covered with a mixture of beaten eggs and spring peas. The dish is then baked so that the eggs solidify, covering the lamb like a blanket. — Allison Beck Ingredients •¼... Read More »

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Fried Artichokes

In this classic Italian dish, tender spring artichokes are halved and dredged in flour before being fried crisp. When shopping for artichokes, be sure to choose ones that are small, no more than two inches in diameter, as they are more tender. Ingredients •20 small artichokes •Juice of 4 lemons •Oil, for frying •All-purpose... Read More »

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Lamb Shank in Chianti Sauce

Italian slow cooking at its best Related Imagery   Prepare the ingredients     Sear the meat   Add braising liquids   Sauté vegetables   Braising wines to consider   Download Recipe Braised Pork Shoulder in Chianti Sauce Lamb Shank in Chianti Sauce Note: If... Read More »

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Braised Pork Shoulder in Chianti Sauce

Italian slow cooking at its best Tuscany presents us with a number of amazing cuisines that pair beautifully with the wines of the region. A dish that I have grown to love is braised wild boar in Chianti. However, although it has become increasingly easier to find a boar roast in the United States, it is still far from simple. The easy alternative is a... Read More »

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